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Tech Prep Inc.
Counselors’ Handbook for High School and College Counselors
This counselors’ handbook contains labor market information along with information about the way students can receive college credit while in high school. Handbook includes information about high school graduation options and instructional plans including Tech Prep, the Recommended High School Program, the Distinguished Achievement Program, Statewide Articulation, Texas Scholars, Tech Prep Texas Scholars, as well as earning college credits while in high school, etc.
Career Awareness and Exploration Activities Handbook
This handbook provides information and resources for integrating career awareness and exploration activities into counseling and guidance programs. Training, which can be provided for a group of campus staff upon request, demonstrates effective use of the handbook and also includes an explanation of local economic trends and various high-quality tools available from various organizations on Internet, CD-ROMs, etc. (Bridges, Texas CARES, and so forth)
Careers in Action
This K-8 curriculum has been developed by local educators, endorsed by local employers, and field-tested in local classrooms. Lesson plans are available for each grade level. The curriculum is correlated with TEKS, TAAS, and PDAS indicators. Tech Prep staff assist with referrals for field trips and other work-based learning experiences incorporated into the curriculum. Click Here for more information on Careers in Action, as well as Lesson Plans to download.
Best Practices
Each year S-TEAM (support team) campus representatives from the region come together to share best practices in the spring. A booklet of best practices shared by school districts is available upon request.

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