S-TEAM Mission: An S-TEAM is a campus-based support team whose mission is to improve student scheduling, enhance career counseling for students and parents, facilitate ongoing communication between employers and educators, act as a liaison team working with the campus site-based decision-making team, and expedite implementation of Tech Prep strategies and methodologies at the campus level.

If you have been chosen to be an S-TEAM member, it means you have been recognized as one of the best and most caring educators in your school. Because of this, you will be given the privilege of learning from, and interacting with, some of the most exciting leaders and innovators in education today.

Participating in an S-TEAM takes time and energy. It is important to think carefully about the commitment you are making by signing up. Part of the S-TEAM concept is "sticking with the program" long enough to effect real change in our overall educational process. This means being willing to learn, and change yourself, which, as we all know, can be exciting as well as painful. The joy of seeing students regain a passion for learning as they begin connecting the relevance of what they are learning to their future is a sweet reward.

As an S-TEAM member, you will be inspired to think and act in new ways. As educators, if we think the same old thing, and do the same old thing, we will get the same old result. Tech Prep is here to hold the door open to fresh, practical, creative approaches to education for those who are willing to take the challenge.

To learn more about S-TEAMs and to get a list of our S-TEAM campuses, contact Dr. Belinda Torres at 956.364.4516 or belinda.torres@harlingen.tstc.edu

S-Team Leadership Team

Patricia G. (Pat) Bubb
Executive Director
Tech Prep of the Rio Grande Valley, Inc.

Belinda Torres, Ed.D.
Tech Prep Coordinator
Tech Prep of the Rio Grande Valley, Inc.


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