Frequently Asked Questions

Will Tech Prep students lose the opportunity to enroll in liberal arts courses, such as history and social studies, or even electives like art, photography, and sports, that aren't specifically job oriented?

The simple answer to this question is "No." First of all, Tech Prep students, like all students, will be expected to meet state high school graduation requirements. Even though some career-specific classes are built into Tech Prep, students will have access to general electives as well. Tech Prep is a way to keep students moving and motivated because they can see where their education is leading them.

Isn't Tech Prep just a fancy name for forcing students to make binding decisions about their futures when they are really too young to decide?

Tech Prep does ask students to begin making some decisions about the future by the end of the eighth grade. They are not being asked, however, to lock themselves into an inflexible track that will determine the whole course of their lives. Basically, they are being asked to:

  • Think seriously about the kind of careers they would eventually like to have; and
  • Choose a plan to follow instead of drifting through high school without purpose.
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