Strategic Plan - Mission

RGV LEAD is in the business of education, partnering to engage students in college-and-career-focused learning opportunities to achieve a higher level of competence in the workforce.

Tech PrepThe corporationís name, Rio Grande Valley Linking Economic and Academic Development (RGV LEAD), speaks of the relationship between the education level of the Rio Grande Valleyís people and the success of its economic development efforts, as well as the impact of academic and career readiness on individual studentsí personal economic success.

Positioned as an intellectual capital intermediary, RGV LEAD guides cross-sector collaboration between and among leaders from business, industry, secondary education, postsecondary education, and the community. RGV LEADís collaborative partnerships implement strategies that leverage regional resources to achieve a higher level of preparedness for the workforce.

RGV LEADís core values are the foundation of its strategic plan:
• Leadership • Collaboration • Integrity • Excellence • Accountability

The underlying theme of RGV LEADís strategic plan is regional collaboration, for in the competitive job-creation business, collaboration is not a luxury but a vital necessity.

Full Strategic Plan
The full strategic plan can be downloaded as a PDF.

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