Who Benefits from Tech Prep?

Students benefit from Tech Prep. The Tech Prep system offers a first-rate alternative to traditional college-prep programs for students. And students can earn free college credit while still in high school, saving both time and money.

Employers report that graduates of Tech Prep Associate Degree programs are able to "hit the ground running" because representatives of business and industry are included in Tech Prep program curriculum development.

Schools report that within Tech Prep programs, there is decreased absenteeism, increased scores on achievement tests, increased self-esteem, which in turn fosters better behavior, improved organizational skills, better study habits, a decline in dropout rates, and greater teacher/student satisfaction.

Communities benefit as education becomes more meaningful to students because they are focused on clear, direct paths toward specific, high-tech careers. In addition, development of a skilled labor pool attracts business and industry, which boosts the economy and provides better services and products.

Texas is ultimately better prepared to compete in a global market place.

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