Student Qualifications

  A Tech Pep student is one who is making good choices!

  • Benefiting from academics taught using integrated, contextual methods which help all students understand why they need to learn what they are learning, motivating them to excel.

  • Pursuing Texas' Recommended High School Program, which is the basis for the Tech Prep program.

  • Creating a scholarship for himself/herself by "banking" the Tech Prep articulated courses in high school for future free credit in college programs.

  • Receiving one of the most relevant education opportunities for today's world of work, with excellent job and salary potential for the future - starting salaries as great as $30,000 a year.

  • Making an informed choice, with the help of his or her parents, counselors, and teachers, to participate in Tech Prep curricula and programs.

  • Leaving high school with good academic and work skills - able to succeed in college, able to get a good entry-level full-time job, or able to get a part-time job paying more than minimum wage to help offset college expense

Students should follow the
Recommended High School Program
or Distinguished Achievement Program



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