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June, 2010 - Stephen Andrew Estrada and UPDATE

Stephen Andrew Estrada and UPDATE
San Benito High School

Stephen Andrew Estrada is the 2009 UTB/TSC $3,000 Dr. Lauro F. Cavazos Tech Prep Scholarship winner from San Benito High School. His interest in the university began when he started taking Dual Enrollment classes such as History I and II, College Algebra, Government I and II, and Composition, giving him significant college credit even before high school graduation.

Early on in high school, Stephen realized the importance of achieving all A’s in class work. Because he is gifted in math, Stephen found business and accounting classes to be challenging yet interesting. “I enjoy the communication between students and professors”, he says.

“In ten years I see myself working towards my goal of becoming the Chief Executive Officer of my own company. I am thankful that I found the Tech Prep Career program and that it helped me lay out my future in a way that sets me above the rest” Stephen adds.

Stephen has just finished a year of school at UTB. College is a lot more challenging than he thought it would be. This past year he took basic classes and business classes like Introduction to Business and Business Economics.

“I feel I made a good decision to work on a business degree. I have recently been promoted to a management position at Jason’s Deli in Brownsville, and I can already see how my education has been of help to me” he said.

May, 2010 - Benito Alonzo

Benito Alonzo
Edinburg High School

Benito Alonzo, from Edinburg High School, received a $5,000 Cavazos Scholarship for Any College or University. Benito was directed into the field of pharmacy through witnessing the struggle between the physician, the medication prescribed, and the patient: his grandfather. He developed a desire to do his part to make that scenario have a happier ending. Benito wanted to become a pharmacist.

Because he had already identified a field of education, it was logical for Benito to be directed into the health science tech prep career pathway at Edinburg High. In this pathway were numerous classes that all related to his career in pharmacy. He found the classes stimulating; he was eager to learn and became convinced that the field of pharmacology was a good fit for him.

He plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin, where the pharmacy school is ranked fourth in the nation. Benito intends to return to the valley after graduation.

April, 2010 - David Xavier Navarro

David Xavier Navarro
Harlingen High School

The 2010 recipient of the $4,000 Cavazos Scholarship is David Xavier Navarro from Harlingen High School.

Three years ago David came to the United States for Ecuador, knowing some English. He has accomplished a lot in three years, especially in taking advantage of the Tech Prep courses and allowing them to direct him toward a career path. He credits the classes with helping him go deeply into the philosophy of the programs and helping him to change himself for the better.

David’s career goals are related to help the community by becoming a part of international associations such as Red Cross, Operation Blessing Flying Hospital, ALAS, Medico Sin Fronteras, or UNICEF. He would like to establish a foundation based on social help to be of service to his community.

“I have chosen TSTC because this institution has shown me the benefits of dual classes…”because of the recommendations of friends and teachers “…and because I found this college helpful in continuing my desire of working to help the community.

April, 2010 - Daryl Cano

Daryl Cano
Sharyland High School

Tech Prep proudly announces a $3,000 Cavazos Scholarship to UTPA for a deserving student, Daryl Cano from Sharyland High School.

Daryl came to a career choice with the help Tech Prep and the Science Department of her High school. First she took a course in accounting, and focused on economic, financial, technological, international, social, legal and ethical factors. Then a course on Anatomy led her to a health related field. By merging the two, she was able to settle on the field of Occupational Therapy and opening her own business and run it in a safe and prudent manner.

UTPA is currently one of the top 100 schools in the United States for Occupational Therapy. Daryl says “They have a masters program as well as $2,000,000 available in scholarship money for deserving students.

Daryl adds “I could not have imagined being this far ahead without the Tech Prep Program courses that were offered to me through Sharyland High School.”

April, 2010 - Monica Valdez

Monica Valdez
Sharyland High School

The $3,000 Cavazos Scholarship to UTB/TSC has been awarded to Monica Valdez, a 2010 graduate of Harlingen High School. Monica has taken advantage of several things to save her time and money: three-year graduation plan; high school classes through the Tech Prep program, such as Medical Terminology, Health Science Technology and Certified Nursing Assistance program; obtaining a CNA certification to allow her to work while pursuing a degree.

Monica will be attending the University of Texas at Brownsville, pursing a baccalaureate degree in Biochemistry, transferring to Baylor College of Medicine through a dual program and in twelve years plans to obtain a medical degree is an epistemologist and eventually work at the Center for Disease Control investigating infections diseases.

“I hope someday to advise others on how to take advantage of the programs offered at their high schools. The Tech Prep Scholar program has opened doors that I did not know existed, Monica said.”

April, 2010 - Laura Jessmin Rios

Laura Jessmin Rios
Lyford High School

The 2010 winner of $1,000 United Launch Alliance Engineering Cavazos Scholarship for Any College or University is Laura Jessmin Rios from Lyford High School.

Laura plans on attending Texas A & M University-Kingsville because they have a strong engineering department and she sees the university as a stepping stone toward a career in civil engineering. She says, “Math has always motivated me to improve myself academically”. Since middle school, she has found teachers who stressed the importance of math in business, in teaching, in computers, and in problem solving.

There were three things that motivated Laura to maintain an A + average: one was to become the first in her family to receive a four year degree, another was to find an occupation that didn’t involve work in the sun and heat, and the third was to have an aunt who constantly encouraged her to do her best.

Laura would like to complete her degree in less than four years, and then work for an Engineering Corporation before returning to school for a masters or doctorate and a career as a professor at a university.
Tech Prep is honored to help this young woman reach her dreams.

November, 2009 - Marco Arguijo

Marco Arguijo
San Benito High School

Although Marco Arguijo is considering attending the University of Texas or Texas A&M, he is still weighing his options and applying for scholarships. Both universities have very good programs in computer networks, the field that interests him most.

“My dad is a bit of a techie and got me started with simple video games when I was a kid. Then I wanted to know how it works,” Marco said. At San Benito High School, his Tech Prep courses have included computer maintenance, animation, dynamics of marketing and introduction to media.
AP and Dual Enrollment courses also exposed him to different aspects of computers and technology and prepared him “to take this career head on.”

In Marco’s prize-wining essay, he explained that “finding information on any subject (at the EXPO) was as easy as introducing yourself.” He credited one representative from a Computer Information Systems firm for “truly opening my eyes to the real opportunities technology had for me. I learned that this profession wasn’t just a “Desk Job” and involved much travel and time outside of the office.” Marco also learned that computer professionals must have good communication skills and be able to work with a variety of people. .

Because financial factors will have a major impact on his college selection, Marco was pleased the EXPO had booths providing information on scholarship opportunities at various colleges.

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