Brownsville ISD Student Gets a Glimpse of her Future

Brownsville ISD student Krystal Rosas spent part of her summer as an intern at the Brownsville Animal Regulation and Care Center (BARCC) through RGV LEAD's Brownsville Career Center Program. Krystal, who is a senior at Lopez High School, has the long-term goal of becoming a veterinarian. From vaccinating animals to cleaning up dog kennels to seeing a baby possum being born, Krystal got small glimpse of what her future entails.

"This has been an amazing opportunity and experience. The staff have been great and it's been a great working atmosphere. I've learned how to prepare and administer vaccines...I don't like needles so at first I was a little shaky, but I pulled through. I even saw a baby possum being born...it was pretty cool," said Krystal.

Robert Dippong, BARCC Supervisor, said the shelter brings in 13,000 animals a year. "We bring in bats, possums, coyotes, foxes, dogs, cats … so much variety. Krystal has been a big help and a great worker. She's learns fast and does all the core duties of all our employees," said Dippong.

When Krystal turns 18, she plans to apply for a job at the BARCC while she takes courses at Texas Southmost College. She then plans to transfer to Texas A&M University—Kingsville, which offers a veterinarian program.

RGV LEAD’s Brownsville Career Center Project operates through a partnership including the Brownsville Economic Development Council, Brownsville Independent School District, and other partners. For more information on opportunities through RGV LEAD's Brownsville Career Center Program, please contact Todd Holland, Brownsville Career Center Coordinator, RGV LEAD (956.364.4509).

Krystal preparing a vaccine for a cat.

Ricky Loredo, Animal Care Technician I, guides Krystal as she administers the vaccine
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